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SUDOKU Extraordinary

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SUDOKU Puzzle Rules- The objective of sudoku is to enter a digit from 1 through 9 in each cell.- Each horizontal row contains each digit exactly once.- Each vertical column contains each digit exactly once.- Each region of three by three cells parted by bold lines contains each digit exactly once.- A puzzle is completed when all nine by nine cells are filled with digits.Rules are simple, but a difficult SUDOKU puzzle is solved with many hardships.
Explanation of the AppPuzzles are classified into two, namely, boss puzzles and warming-up puzzles, but both of them are difficult.Whenever you start a new puzzle, a different puzzle is set at random.The possibility that the same puzzle will be set is extremely low.When you solve a puzzle, the score is added.The puzzles you solved are recorded, and you can confirm past solved puzzles from the score history window.
The progress of the puzzle is saved automatically.When you start this app, you can continue from the state ended last time.When the app is not operating or when you are doing setting operation, the elapsed time does not increase.
You can use two handwritten fonts in addition to the standard font to show input numerals.This app has a function to take a background photograph, and so please enjoy the app on your original screen.
If you try to solve a puzzle and you doubt that there is no answer to the puzzle, please use the app "SUDOKU Next Play"(AsaTech) and solve to the end automatically in "Helpful Mode".You will surely find a solution.
The free version will require access permission to the network only for an advertising display.The difference between the free version and the paid version is only advertising existence.